Clients work with us for different reasons. Some choose us for our investment knowledge that comes from years of experience and extensive education. Others appreciate our attentiveness to their needs whenever they arise. Here are a few examples of why clients trust us as their wealth management partner, and of the solutions we have developed for them.


 I can sleep at night without worrying about my investments. For 26 years, Arun has guided my financial destiny with integrity and sometimes with needed lightheartedness. I have appreciated his continued financial tutoring as I knew none of the basic jargon or principles of investing.

I simply had a in and an out column. As long as the in column was larger than the out column, I felt in control. In anticipation of my husband’s passing, Arun said, “I will be there for you.” And he was.

In that circumstance and over the 26 years, I have felt comfortable asking any question. Arun has patiently explained and sometimes reexplained what I wanted and needed to learn. His response time to inquiries is incredible.

I like to understand. I like to learn. Arun has been an exceptional match for my inquiring mind and a constant source of more than information. He has been a source of assurance that our planning will yield not only financial security but emotional comfort. 



 When I met Arun 26 years ago, he was my late husband’s financial planner. I became his client too. I hadn’t had an investment advisor before, never having had money for investments, but as my husband and I gained more financial security, Arun was a reliable source of advice and information. Arun’s particular skill is to cater his services to the particular needs of his clients. He helped us maximize our tax savings, consolidate our savings, minimize our debt, and plan for future travel and retirement. Arun understood our needs, our goals, and our ethics, and made sure our investment portfolio worked best for us.

Unfortunately, my husband died before he could benefit from all the good financial advice. When this life changing event occurred over ten years ago, Arun was instantly there for me to make sure I had all the information and tools I needed to transition from marriage to widowhood. And all through that painful time, Arun’s management of my finances gave me confidence that my future was secure. Now, my new spouse is reaping the benefit of financial advice for the first time in his life. Arun is not only a supremely competent investment counsellor and financial planner, he is a supportive, honest and thoroughly decent individual who has become a most valued friend. 



 Arun Mehrotra has been our financial advisor for almost 20 years. My wife and I have been very impressed with his passion, knowledge and interest in achieving our needs. We depend on Arun and are so very happy to have him as an advisor financially and as a friend. Arun you take care of our affairs, Thank You. 

J & V M.


 We have been extremely happy clients of Arun Mehrotra at IG Wealth Management for nearly 20 years. Arun is a very good listener, effective communicator, knowledgeable, experienced and professional. He not only helps us with investments, but perhaps more importantly, he helps us develop financial plans to achieve our family financial goals, which have evolved along with our stages of life. Arun’s service to us was as excellent when we had modest amounts to invest when we first met him, as it is today when we are realizing the benefits of our long term financial planning. We strongly recommend Arun’s financial advisory services! 

L & R J.


 At our current stage of life, we recognized we needed to have a better strategy to ensure that we would have the lifestyle we desired in retirement, the lifestyle we wanted to maintain today, and to ensure that we not only had a forward looking tax strategy but also an investment strategy that would deliver what we needed. We selected a number of Wealth Management specialist options, and through our due diligence reduced the list to 3 contenders for our business. With this final group we became significantly more engaged in terms of potential strategies, what services they could offer, historic performance, corporate support, etc., to name a few of the items that were of importance to us. Three contenders quickly became 2, and then not too far into the process it became obvious to both of us that Investors Group, and more specifically Arun Mehrotra and his team, were by far the right choice for us. Never once in the process did we feel pressured, and never once did we feel that we were receiving a “templated solution” but rather that they had listened and understood our unique situation and needs.  What was probably most impressive though was that as we went through the process, it was not about sharing what they could do for us if we signed on, they did the work and actually delivered key components of our individualized strategy before we invested. We met with the extended corporate team that included tax specialists, legal specialists, Investment specialists, Estate planning specialists, Insurance specialist, and more, all familiar with and understanding of our needs. The guidance we were provided in advance of investing was invaluable, and it has clearly set the bar high for the level of service and support that we expect to receive from Investors Group, and quite frankly the level that all investors should expect to receive from their providers. For us we were far more focused on what they could deliver versus finding the lowest cost provider, and in fact didn’t even discuss the fee structure until we were at the final commitment stage. Imagine how appreciative we were when we learned that not only did we receive by far the best service to this point, but that they were not only competitive in their pricing, but actually were the lowest fee structure of those we had completed our due diligence on.

IG Wealth Management, Arun and his team of Michael, Navneet and Anita have earned our business and we are looking forward to building a great and mutually beneficial relationship for years to come