We are guided by a disciplined investment approach that leverages the combined talents of IG Wealth Management’s investments team and leading global investment partners. This helps unlock a world of opportunity, so you can confidently pursue your goals and financial well-being.

Are your current investment strategies meeting your needs? Perhaps you need to re-evaluate your approach due to life stage changes or concerns about market fluctuations and economic factors. We have the expertise to help answer all your questions. We will discuss your needs, concerns, and, when appropriate, offer ways to help your investment plan reflect your life plan better.


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Sustainable Investing

Since 1926, IG Wealth Management has been developing innovative ways to responsibly invest our clients’ capital in order to maximize their investment returns. Today, responsibly investing to achieve your long-term financial goals includes integrating sustainable investment principles in order to generate positive outcomes for your portfolio and the world around us – now and for future generations.

We define sustainable investing as an investment approach that combines material environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors with traditional financial analysis and active ownership. This approach reduces investment risk while enhancing long-term outcomes for both our clients and the world around us. There are several other investing strategies and products that fall under the sustainable investing umbrella. While some terms are used interchangeably, it helps to remember that we are focused on a broader investment approach that isn’t limited to investing in a specific product.


IG Climate Action Portfolios

There’s a massive global response underway to combat the threat posed by climate change. The shift to a low-carbon economy could create huge investment opportunities. IG Climate Action Portfolios offers the potential for your investments to have a positive impact on the planet while also benefiting from the growth created by this economic transition.

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